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Oboe Reeds – How Long Do They Last?

How long does an oboe reed last? While factors like demands of the repertoire, reed performance expectations, and other variables come into play, I’m looking to give advice to the novice oboist or parent regarding longevity. The average consensus is … Continue reading

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Importance of Oboe Reed Cases

Yes, you really do need a reed case. Oftentimes one of the essential supplies that is overlooked when students start the oboe is a reed case. It doesn’t need to be an expensive one. A plastic case, like the one … Continue reading

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Congratulations Region Band 2013 Winners

Congratulations to Emily Low! She won 1st chair for the Arkansas Senior High division on oboe. There were some tough pieces to have to learn this year for the audition but Emily knocked it out of the park. Congratulations again … Continue reading

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Even A Few Years Of Music Training Benefits The Brain

Fantastic article in the Scientific American. Music has a remarkable ability to affect and manipulate how we feel. Simply listening to songs we like stimulates the brain’s reward system, creating feelings of pleasure and comfort. But music goes beyond our hearts to … Continue reading

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Oboe Reed Making: A Parent’s Guide

So you have a young oboist in your midst? That’s fantastic! But as a parent, you might be feeling a bit like a walking ATM. Between the Band Director insisting the student take lessons, a never-ending search for oboe reeds … Continue reading

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Reed Pros oboe reed store is now Live!

I’m excited to announce http://www.reedpros.com website store is now live!  You can get to the store from the blog here or just go to http://www.reedpros.com. http://Www.Reedpros.com is selling handmade oboe reeds. You will find reeds for the beginning oboe student … Continue reading

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A blog for music students, parents and enthusiasts

Music lovers, students and enthusiasts – welcome! I’m a private oboe and clarinet instructor and a teacher at my core. People tell me I must really love teaching music because my eyes light up when I start to talk about … Continue reading

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