Oboe Reed Customer Reviews



Very few things give me such pride as when a customer takes time out of their day to write to me about how much they are pleased with their reed order. I hope I can make oboe playing for everyone a little easier!

“Dear Tanya,
Thank you so much for the reeds. My daughter tried them all right away and was able to play her scales easily. There was no need for adjustments by her teacher which was the case for other reeds she has tried. Thanks again! PS – she’s already asking me to order some Med. Hard reeds 🙂  We’ll be back to order these soon”  ~ Marisol

“This place is GREAT! Bailed me out when I had an important audition coming up!!! Fantastic playing reeds out of box – no tailoring needed!” ~ Ray Otani

“I hate to even share some things … if this business gets too busy it’ll take longer to get my reed order. And yes, I DO play on other folks’ reeds much of the time these days. I just don’t like to make reeds. I think every oboist should learn to make reeds. I think it’s of utmost importance. However I don’t think we all have the talent to make them well. I’m one what I call the World’s Worst Reed Maker. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying, but it does mean I’ll buy reeds if I can find someone who works for me. Tanya’s reed do. Heck, she got me through Les Miserables!” ~ Patty Mitchell (from her website http://oboeinsight.com/category/idrs2013/)

Thank you all for taking the time to let me know you enjoy my oboe reeds. It always makes my day!



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