Importance of Oboe Reed Cases

Oboe Reed Case

Oboe Reed Case, French style reed holders

Yes, you really do need a reed case.

Oftentimes one of the essential supplies that is overlooked when students start the oboe is a reed case. It doesn’t need to be an expensive one. A plastic case, like the one pictured below, will do just fine.

Plastic oboe reed case

Plastic oboe reed case

The plastic tubes or even the plastic clamshell style containers you get when purchasing reeds from a supplier are only meant to keep your reed safe during the shipping process. They are no substitute for a quality reed case!  See below the tubes and clamshell shipping containers.

clamshell reed holder

clamshell reed holder

shipping tube with reed

shipping tube with reed

The plastic tubes don’t offer the reeds the proper ventilation for the reeds to dry out. Another problem is if you aren’t careful when going to place the reed into the tube you could end up hitting the delicate tip and ruining the reed.

The clamshell style doesn’t offer a way to hold the reed securely. The reed ends up rolling back and forth on the foam padding while you try to close the clasp. If you haven’t ended up accidentally catching the reed in the sides of that case yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t. Then you’ll have spent between $9 – $15 for a reed you can no longer use because the tip of the reed got crushed as it rolled on the padding when you tried to close the clamshell.

Oboe reed cases come in a variety of materials and price ranges for all budgets. Keep your reeds safe and happy – purchase a reed case.

Now Reed Pros offers oboe reed cases! Please visit to see our latest products. We will have new lines of reed cases coming soon so check back often!

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