Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds – now available for purchase

Rico Brand Alto Saxophone Reeds

Reed Pros is happy to announce we are carrying Rico Bb Clarinet and Alto Saxophone Reeds! If you are a doubler on oboe and sax or clarinet, you can get your hand made oboe reeds while you restock your single reed supply.

Please visit us at to purchase our products. We also have a link on this blog called “Store” which take you to the site.

Is there a product you would like to see us carry? We’re constantly trying to expand our inventory. Let us know!  info [at] reedpros [dot] com

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4 Responses to Clarinet and Saxophone Reeds – now available for purchase

  1. A small suggestion from a doubler: these “orange box” Rico reeds are popular beginner reeds, but most intermediate or advanced players (such as the doublers who would be buying handmade oboe reeds) prefer Rico’s more upscale reed varieties or reeds by Vandoren. Best wishes on expanding your business!

    • reedpros says:

      Hi Bret! I very much appreciate your comments. I’m hoping to carry Vandoren reeds very soon. Do you have a more upscale Rico variety that you like?

      • I personally like the Reserve Classic for saxophone and clarinet for classical playing, and the Jazz Select for jazz saxophone. I have also had good success with the Vandoren V12 for both instruments.

      • reedpros says:

        Thanks so much Bret! I’ll look into carrying those reed types. Hopefully I’ll have them available very soon.

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