Great Summer Music Camp Opportunity for Kids in Grades K – 8 in Los Angeles

Children playing in a drum circle

Children playing in a drum circle

Every summer, the First Christian Church of North Hollywood puts together a music summer camp for younger kids. This camp is different from most camps I have encountered in that it is for kids who don’t already know how to play an instrument. There are plenty of summer music opportunities for kids who have already chosen an instrument and want to become more proficient through an intense workshop; however, this is perfect for the child who likes music but doesn’t know which instrument they would like to play. The best part for the parent is – there’s no need to commit to an expensive instrument only to discover the child has lost interest.

The camp is a half-day program from 9am to 12 noon running for one week in the summer. This camp exposes the children to the disciplines of a variety of instruments. The children spend the week learning the basics of clarinet, violin, guitar, piano, recorder, flute, drums or other instruments along with music games.

Here’s how it works:  The child indicates their interest for four different instruments. The instruments (and supplies) are provided by the camp so the child doesn’t have to bring anything but enthusiasm. The children have multiple classes to attend during their half day camp and each class they go to gives them a chance to play an instrument of interest to them. Each class is about a half hour long. Each day they will learn something new about those four instruments. They end the week with a celebratory demonstration of what they have experienced for their parents to see. Many children go on to play a instrument or two outside of the camp with regular lessons. Other kids return year after year or become volunteers for the camp.

The music camp for 2012 will be from July 23 – 27. For more information, please contact Sheri Izzard, Children’s Youth Music Director by contacting the office (818-763-8218) or email at  The church’s website is

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